Selecting The Right Type Of Strapping For Your Shipment

Over the last two decades, the packaging industry has experienced a lot of growth and innovations. You may have seen several applications from the strapping small parts to the large machinery. Also, finding strapping machines supplier can be of great help. In this post, you will learn to choose the right strapping method to suit your applications.

Strength and size

To find out the strength of strapping that you require, you can multiply the weight of pallet by 1.5. You should then divide the answer by a number of straps that are used. What you get is the minimum tensile strength that is needed to secure your palette. After determining the strength you need, you can choose the thickness and width of your strapping. High break strength means that you need a thicker and wider strap. As the break strength increases, the thickness and width should also increase.

Type of strapping

Steel strapping

This is the oldest form of strapping. It is a robust method of securing your shipments. You should select steel strapping for the heavy shipments. Thus, you will not run the risk of changing shape or settling during the shipment process. This may include short-distance shipments of a broad range of heavy goods.

Steel is very powerful due to its ability to maintain its shape. However, if it settles or the pallet shifts during shipping, the strappings become loose. The good thing about steel is that it can withstand a lot of tension. Moreover, it may be used to strap the heavy loads.tbg23w6fcyh27wedu982

High tensile steel

This type of strapping is known to retain the strength of steel thanks to added benefit of flexibility. The fact that it is heat-treated, it stretches and moves with the shipment easily. This ensures there is a high level of protection. Due to its ability to stretch, it offers a lot of footage as compared to regular steel.

Polyester strapping

You can choose this strapping if you want to secure heavy loads, which run the risk of settling or shifting during transport. Soft goods that settle or shift during shipment can end up changing the shape of the pallet by over 10%. It is important to note that polyester has a stretch of about 10%. This means that it can mold to form a palette as it shifts. This ensures the load remains secure.

Polypropylene strapping

This is ideal strapping that is the perfect choice for the light to the medium-weight shipments. It is suitable for the power strapping machines. However, it can be used with the hand strapping tools. The good thing about this strapping is that it offers excellent flexibility.