1973 was a very good year. Santa Fe was a "happening" town, still seeming relatively undiscovered. Herb Cohen and his associated opened the Steaksmith Restaurant and it immediately hit the mark in the hearts of local Santa Feans. Originally located in the old De Vargas Hotel (now the St. Francis), the dark, cozy steak and seafood eatery soon established itself as downtown’s most recommended spot. The hotels sent tourists and the locals just kept coming. Over the next thirteen years the place became a legend. Due to the sale of the De Vargas (the St. Francis opted to run their own food operation), the Steaksmith was forced to move. The restaurant went semi-rural and moved to El Gancho. Herb lightened the decor while maintaining the cozy feeling and constructed a banquet room. He also created a super lounge area, added 15 new appetizers, more fresh fish, salads, delicious ribs, free range chicken enchiladas and some incredible new desserts.

Steaksmith is still the place where meat is aged six to eight weeks before cutting, and still the place where locals love to see their friends and have fun. The restaurant has grown its reputation even more at El Gancho and is now in its 37th year.

While some restaurants get old with their owners, the Steaksmith remains vital and now is thriving under the youthful energy of Tom Vimont and Roey Vimont, Herb’s new partners. These two pros are the consummate, attentive restaurateurs. You will be in good hands when you walk in the Steaksmith. Ask for these two, and tell them you expect the best, just as you were promised here. As the restaurant continues to evolve to suit the tastes of the whole spectrum of diners, Tom, Roey and Herb will not disappoint you.