The Features Of Spy Applications

The demand of spy applications and monitoring systems has greatly grown in the recent past. This is due to the realization that safety and security can be manned from a centralized position. Moreover, in protecting tablets and smartphones that one has consent to monitor or owns, has served to reduce high phone bills and reduce misuse of the company or private property that occur through using the gadgets for personal reasons. Visit for a comprehensive review of the spy applications. Different spy app products in the market are differentiated by varying features such as;


Instant GPS


The spy app is GPS enabled to track the devices being monitored. This feature assists to locate the whereabouts of the person in possession of the phone. In a great way, this feature facilitates physical movements of employees and children as well it can assist to trace a lost, misplaced or stolen device.

Responsive user interface

The app has a very user-friendly interface that is responsive for use across various devices such as laptops, desktop monitors, and phones. Once, the spy app is installed it becomes easy to log in into the desired app using an allocated username and password. This then gives you access to the phone’s screen and location as well as its audio

Live control panels

It is easy to log into spy applications installed in other devices. This gives the user access to the connected device and allows view the screen, monitor web activity, photo and video history, Email, chat and SMS history as well as call history. Additionally, it may allow one to tap into calls made to the phone. Moreover, the user receives updated information at regular intervals of 1 minute.

Alarm feature

The spy app is developed to notify the user when the monitored devices are in use. This becomes easy to track the usage of the device as it beeps to alert the user.

Send commands

Additionally, with the spy application, it becomes very easy to send certain commands to the linked device. This gives the owner some level of autonomy and control over the use of the device. In the case of a robbery, it is very easy to wipe clean the memory of the phone while retrieving the SIM information.

Logging features


The Spy app has access to different logs for installed devices and can monitor communication logs, calendar tasks, top ten reports, and remote settings and GPS locations. This gives the user real-time monitoring of phone or tablet usage.